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WeWork buys Teem

WeWork makes its third-biggest acquisition to date, shelling out $100 million for a software startup called Teem

WeWork, the eight-year-old, 800-pound gorilla in the co-working space, hasn’t been known for being terribly acquisitive, despite the billions of dollars it has raised and its valuation, which one of its biggest investors, SoftBank, apparently believes to be approaching $35 billion. But they are breaking out now with the purchase of Teem, a conference room scheduling software.

We continue to see validation in our space with forward thinking companies like WeWork leading the way in technology integration at the office.

In an industry that has not been so technologically advanced, office building owners and property management firms need to look forward on how they are going to engage their tenants in ways never imagined.

Go Amenity provides the platform for tenant engagement and most importantly allows you to figure out what the mix of services, amenities and technology are that will most effectively engage the tenant populations.

We don't believe a technology platform alone is the answer, but it is core to rolling out these new breeds of service and amenities so that you can do what is most important, track what works and what doesn't so you can ensure success.

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